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My Elderly Space

A look at the remarkable lives of the elderly


105 Cuban becomes US citizen

A Cuban-born 105-year-old man became an American citizen recently. Jose Temprana spent 30 years in a Cuban prison for his involvement in an insurrection against Castro and was released at the age of 93.

"Satisfied, very happy. It was worth the wait." Temprana says.



Meet the Centurions

This summer, mens magazine FHM hired a group of new writers. Well, new is perhaps the wrong term. The team of four, dubbed the "Centurions" have a combined age of 409. Their role is to give advice and pass on their experiences to a younger generation of men.

Here's a couple of articles on Mr. Woodward, 100 from Herefordshire. link1 link2

Joining him at FHM are Buster Martin, 100, from London; Harry Patch, 109, from Somerset; and Alec Holden, 100, from Surrey.


Seniors picket demanding pastries

A group of seniors protested outside the Koehler Senior Center in Mahopac, N.Y. last week. The issue? The center stopped accepting donations of pies, donuts and other pastries citing health reasons. The group is upset because they were not consulted and feel they have been treated with disrespect.

But some are happy to see the change. "It was disgusting the way people went after them," said 80-year-old Rita Jorgensen. "I think the senior center did them a favor by taking it away."



World's Oldest Person

Born on April 20 1893, Edna Parker is recognized as the oldest person in the world. She's in good health and can still walk.

A few tidbits about Edna. She met Bertha Fry earlier this year, who was 113 at the time. Together they set the highest combined age for a meeting of two people, 227 years! Edna currently lives at the same retirement center as Sandy Allen, the tallest woman in the world.

Here's a picture from her 114th birthday party earlier this year, you can find more here


Calling all supercentenarians

The New England Supercentenarian Study, based at the Boston University School of Medicine, is recruiting this very special group of people! Molecular genetic studies will be performed to identify the genes that help these remarkable individuals to reach such incredible ages!

If you know a supercentenarian, contact this study. link

caption: Nicholas (97) and Anthony (110) Pierro at the United Nations in New York City. Photo from BUMC website.


Granny is world's oldest master

Phyllis Turner earned her Masters Degree in Medical Science last month from Australia's Adelaide University. After quitting primary school at the age of 12, she returned to start her postgraduate studies at 90.

"I feel very very happy after five years of study" says the 94-year-old great-great-grandmother. link


Community volunteer celebrates centenary

Ernest Evans recently celebrated his 100th birthday and immediately after eating his cake he headed off to the retirement community for his regular volunteer duties.

Ernest and his 74-year-old daughter Martha are on their Meals on Wheels delivery route, where he has been volunteering for the past 10 years. Aside from volunteer work, he keeps active by tending to his garden and mowing his lawn, “I’ve always gardened. I raise onions, potatoes, tomatoes, and okra.”

He intends to volunteer as long as he can, "...if they don’t fire me,” he said.



Oldest man turns 112

Tomoji Tanabe turned 112 today, he's been the world's oldest man since January this year. He lives in Miyazaki, Japan with his son and family.

His birthday wish? "I want to live indefinitely. I don't want to die," he told reporters. It's good to hear that at 112 he still has so much to live for. He says his secret to longevity is avoiding alcohol.

Did you know Japan has nearly 30,000 centenarians!



Next vacation destination?

I have found the perfect vacation, a visit to Centenarians' Road! On a small section of rural road in Sardinia, Italy live 8 centenarians. The cultural association has set up a 4 day tour to visit the country side and to meet with some of these remarkable individuals to learn their secret to longevity. Do you know of any other tour for meeting the elderly? Drop us a comment.


Seniors get a park of their own

The Lions Wellness Park is Canada's (possibly North America's) first seniors oriented park, it recently open in Delta, BC. The playground is outfitted entirely with equipment suitable for the elderly. The ground is made of rubber shavings made from recycled tires so it's easy on the joints. I'm sure we'll start seeing more of these spring up, what a great idea!



Here Wii go!

So what if you can't make it out to the bowling alley or the golf course. That's not going to stop these folks.

The residents of Sunrise Home in Birmingham are having a great time playing the Nintendo Wii, the latest craze to hit the home. They've even set up leagues and from the sounds of it, it's getting very competitive.

You can read the full story here.