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My Elderly Space

A look at the remarkable lives of the elderly


Cubs fan gets his wish

You folks remember Leo Hildebrand, he's the Cubs fan we wrote about last month. After making his wish to toss the first pitch for the Cubs known, he was finally granted the wish this Saturday at Wrigley Field. The Cubs provided tickets and a pre-game session on the field for Hildebrand and his family, but the didn't tell them of the ultimate honour until just before the game started. Congrats Leo!


Happy Birthday, Tomoji Tanabe!

The world's oldest man, Tomoji Tanabe, celebrated his 113th birthday today. He was presented with a bouquet by the mayor of his home town Miyakonojo.

He lives with his one of this eight children and his daughter-in-law. He gets up at 5.30am to read newspapers before breakfast, never misses his three meals a day and has a glass of milk in the afternoon, he told local reporters.

The attributes his longevity to "no drinking or smoking", Tanabe said.

"I don't want to die yet," he continues, "I want to live another 10 years." I guess he still has a lot he wants to do!


Couple marries after six decades together

Lin Chen has been with her new groom Chen Chin-yin since 1944, after losing her husband in the war. But still, they never married because they saw no need to, one grandson said. Over the next six decades, the two raised 9 children together. It was not until two years ago that this story came to light to their family. When this happened, the grandchildren sought to have their grandparents legally married.

Chen, now a 102-year-old grandfather, was asked if he thought his new bride was especially beautiful today. "She is beautiful every day," he replied. At a traditional wedding ceremony, in the presence of their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, he put a gold ring on her finger.

Lin, the 92-year-old bride said she was being played with by her grandchildren. Despite a strong typhoon hitting Taiwan, she had no qualms about holding the ceremony as planned. "Marriage is like the typhoon weather, with wind and rain. People can get through it as long as they are of one heart," she said.



A lesson on spelling

Here's a fun video of Ed Rondthaler explaining the oddities of English spelling. Now at 103 years old, he's the former president of the American Literacy Council (just one of his many achievements.)

Sometime ago he was interviewed by CNN. Mr. Rondthaler credits his long and healthy life to clean living, good genes, and regular cold showers. "When my brother in 1918 came home from the army, he said, 'Ed, whenever you take a hot shower, end it with an ice cold one and count to 100. When your older brother tells you to do something, you do it," he said.

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Bartenders still working at 100

At 100 years old, Jim Christou is Britain's oldest bartender. "I'll keep going for as long as I can. I love chatting and serving the customers, the club is a second home to me," says Mr. Christou.

He has not touched a drink or smoked in nearly 30 years, "I just stopped drinking one day because I didn't want to do it any more. But I won't stop anyone else, I'd be in the wrong job if I did."