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My Elderly Space

A look at the remarkable lives of the elderly


Lifeguard started swimming after retirement

Ed McCarthy retired, started swimming at 62 and become a lifeguard. Now at 83, he's the world's oldest lifeguard and the chicks really dig him.

“He's hot in a Speedo,” says Lauren Satter, a water exercise instructor who is about half McCarthy's age. “When he walks by … the ladies in my 11 o'clock class look, hoot and holler.”

He hasn't always been athletic. But since his retirement, not only has he picked up swimming, he is now also an active triathlete. His hope is to remain a lifeguard for as long as he can. Considering the previous record holder worked until he was nearly 90, Ed's got a few good years ahead of him still!

Click here for the full story.



Girls' day at the spa

Three WWII vets enjoyed a day at the spa as part of the "Grant a wish" program at the Sunnybrook hospital veteran care facility in Toronto.

With a combined age of 271 years, all three served in England during World War II.

Most vets at the facility wished for more "manly" activities, like visiting the aerospace museum, or dinner at Hooters. When asked why a day at the spa, Gertrude Campbell, who is 92, says "Coming here is one of the luxuries of being a woman."

Full story from The Toronto Star


Assisted Loving

Let's face it. There's a certain side to your parents that you'd rather not know about--their love life. This holds true whether you are 5 years old or 50 years old. So when author Bob Morris is pulled into his father's dating scene after the passing of his mother, you know there will be plenty of awkward, hilarious, and oftentimes touching moments.

Bob's father Joe is a swinging 80-year-old, with more dates than he can handle. Apparently it's easy when you simply outlive your competition. An able-and-fit 80-year-old with a ride is hot commodity whether you're in a New Jersey or Florida. With plenty of fish in sea, he seeks Bob's help, and more importantly, his opinion on the right type of gal. Bob grudgingly accepts at first but soon finds himself wanting more. Who's he seeing tonight? Where does she live? What was she wearing? It's a fun, light read with an interesting twist on your typical father and son story.

I found myself laughing out loud more than once. Not only because it's funny but because I've experienced some of these things myself. There may be a few stereotypes about the elderly here or there, but the rest of the book just blows them right out of the water. I hope everyone can read this and realize that you can still have a life at 80. Maybe that'll cure those with a persistent fear of aging!

Hop on over to pick up the book or to read more reviews.


Farewell to Olive

Olive Riley, many of our readers will remember her as the world's oldest blogger, passed away last weekend. At 108-years-old, she kept her mind sharp and alert by telling stories, singing and blogging. She has been a great source of motivation for all of us. Has she touched your life in any way? Please share your story with us.

Here's a video excerpt about Olive:

And don't forget to visit her blog, filled with warm tributes and pictures of her long life.



Celebrating a century lived

Some of the eldest residents of Winchester Nursing Center recently celebrated their advanced age, documented by a video crew. The center's activity director, Marsha Johnson commented, “they do inspire me, for the reason that they have lived a good long life,” she said.

Johnson’s job is to keep these residents occupied and stimulated. Reaching centenarian status is no small deal, "it is a milestone and I think it should be. It should be well recognized. It is an achievement.”

Don't miss this video, packed full of advice on aging well.

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112 Year-Old Man Gets His Birthday Wish: "To see the ocean."

Frank Calloway, 112, is one the oldest citizens in the United States. He is described as kind and gentle in nature, has a great smile and dresses impeccably. He spends most of the day at a table and draws incredible pieces of art on long rolls of butcher paper. When asked if there was anything he would like to do that he had never done, he thoughtfull replied, “I’d like to see the ocean. A few weeks later, he was sitting in a “beach friendly” wheel chair with waves from the Gulf at the Alabama coast spattering his feet. Happy birthday!

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