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My Elderly Space

A look at the remarkable lives of the elderly


Cooking during the Great Depression

91 93-year old Claire shows everyone how she prepared the "Poor Man's Meal" during the Great Depression. If you enjoy it, make sure you drop by her YouTube channel DepressionCooking for more.



73-year-old sidelined from college basketball

Remember Ken Mink, our septuagenarian college hoops player? He has been declared ineligible because of insufficient academic credit. He was having trouble with his Spanish course. "I told coach early on that I was having trouble in Spanish," Mink said.

He then enrolled in sociology, but was apparently too late to have that credited towards his semester. "This is not an academic issue, it's an administrative issue," he later writes. Mink and his coach are appealing the ruling.



Ninety one and still smacking the skins

I'd like to share this great new music video by Allee Willis, featuring Jerrie Thill. Jerrie does a fantastic job on the drums on this track. She also regularly performs at the LA eatery El Cid on Sundays. Oh, did I mention Jerrie is 91 years old, breaths from an oxygen tank and has led an all girls band for over 60 years!

Don't miss the video, and go to the YouTube page to watch in HD.

Visit Allee Willis' website