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My Elderly Space

A look at the remarkable lives of the elderly


The Oldest Rock Band

This happenin' band also happens to be the oldest rock band around. The average age of its members is 79 and Alf, the lead singer, is 90 years old. Other members are 99 and 100 years old. The Zimmers' first single stayed two weeks in UK's Top 40. Check out the music video for their first single.

More info about The Zimmers


Centenarian Secrets

Frank Di Paolo, Jr. is 100 years old. "I am, honestly, 100 and a half years old," Di Paolo said. And he doesn’t miss a beat! He drives to work every day, working in the office of a state senator. "I met governors. I met senators. I met presidents and their wives. So honestly, I was happy. I was very happy," Di Paolo continued. He's happy and healthy at 100 … and a half.

Thomas Perls, M.D., director of the New England Centenarian Study in Boston, has studied centenarians for more than decade.

Centenarians also tend to have certain personality traits. "Many of them had very, very stressful lives, but what seems to be the key to them is they don’t hold on to stuff. They don’t dwell on it," Dr. Perls said. They are rarely depressed.

"I always laugh," centenarian Ellen Doble said.

Want to know how long you’ll live? Click here for the full story.


Centenarian girl talk

109-year-old Oniezima wishes "Happy Birthday" to Edna, the 102-year-old birthday girl.

The centenarian girls met and quickly became friends and shared the afternoon in lively discussion of their past and future.

"You're 109? That's a long time," the 102-year-old said to her new friend, who is seven years older. "How do you get to be 109?"

"You've got to have determination," Onie replied.

Read more about their discussion here.


Fit and active at 90

The eldest Chen Tai Chi Centre member was given a surprise party to celebrate her 90th birthday.

Even though her official birthday was the next day, it suited the occasion because the club's Grand Master Zhu Tiancai had arrived from China.

The Bucklands Beach resident has been doing Tai Chi for four years to help her keep her balance and stay active. She says she gets a lot out of the two-hour class and still drives herself there.

"I feel like I have done something I've enjoyed," Marjorie says.

"I've made some good friends."

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World's Oldest Blogger

Olive Riley has seen a lot in her years and now she's recounting some of her life experiences in blog, (or 'blob' as she calls it) and it's thought that Olive might be the world's oldest blogger!

She was born in Broken Hill, Australia, on Oct. 20th 1899.

Thanks to Eric Shackle for alerting us to Olive's blog, http://www.allaboutolive.com.au.


Centenarian lives in the same house for 100 years

In an entire century living at the same address, Dorothy Loveless has never been tempted by the stress and upheaval of moving house. Celebrating her 100th birthday yesterday in the sitting room in which she was born, Miss Loveless said this may be the key to her old age.

"I am the last one left but I am still going strong and I still feel like a spring-chicken."

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95 year-old blogger

So reads the first entry by one of the world's oldest Webloggers, Maria Amelia Lopez, who, at the age of 95, has surprised herself by a sudden conversion from Web-illiterate to cybercelebrity.

"At first I thought a blog was just a type of paper notebook," said Lopez, a great grandmother.

"When I saw my grandson using the Internet, it caught my attention. I said to myself 'What's this? You can find out about anything. I want an Internet!'"

With 60,000 regular readers so far, Lopez's homely mix of memory and chat, available at http://amis95.blogspot.com/, attracts regular readers from around the world and has put her back in touch with the younger generation in a way she had never imagine.

Visit her blog here


Carmen enjoys chocolate, wine and beet

Here's a nice story about a Toronto woman. Carmen is nearly 100 years old and have lived in Toronto for the past 33 years. Despite this, she speaks no English and hopes to go back to visit her homeland of Spain someday.

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