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Vet awarded free beer for life

Harry Patch, the 109-year-old and last surviving World War I veteran in Britain, has been awarded with free beer for life for his service and bravery during the two world wars. The Rose and Crown, a local pub where Harry drank when he was young, is offering this to honour his service.

"I must be the envy of many a younger man, being offered free beer in a pub. It's like being a child in a sweet shop," Harry says.



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Blogger TetVet Says:

See 'Navy Centenarian Sailor', 103 year old, former enlisted Aviation Chief Radioman (ACRM, Combat Aircrewman), later wartime commissioned Chief Warrant Officer Julio 'Jay' Ereneta, U. S. Navy (Ret.), Veteran of World War One and World War Two. He witnessed the World War One scuttling of the German High Seas Fleet at Scapa Flow, June 1919.


Blogger Roy Williams Says:

Its quite an amazing thought that this chap is the last British surviving WWI veteran. What an accolade


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