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My Elderly Space

A look at the remarkable lives of the elderly


Buster training for the marathon

Buster Martin is no ordinary 101-year-old, his achievements include:
- the oldest employee in Britain
- last year completed a 10km run in 2h 22m
- earlier this month completed a half marathon at 5h 13m
- he is part of The Zimmers, a band made up entirely of old pensioners
- regular advice columnist at men's magazine FHM

Did I mention he drinks, smokes and stays out late into night? Buster is far from the typical 101-year-old. And now his next goal is to compete in the London Marathon this July, which would make him the oldest marathon participant on record. He's been training hard and he has no plans on give up on his drinking and smoking habits, not even during the race.

See more photos and videos of Buster here

Buster's wikipedia profile is here

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