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My Elderly Space

A look at the remarkable lives of the elderly


A centenarian secret

This isn't about another centenarian sharing their tips on aging. Adele Lerner has lied about her age, including to her children up into her 90's. Now 101, Adele says she didn't want to reveal her true age because she didn't want others to view her as incapable of doing the things she wanted.

Adele started painting in her 50's and earned her bachelor's degree in fine arts at the age of 83. For the past several years, she has talked to her daughter Karen daily via web cam and instant messenger.

Here is Adele with her other daughter, Terry.

Adele was one of 450 people who participated in a longevity study conducted at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The results showed the fact that she was just five feet tall at her tallest may be linked to her longevity.



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