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My Elderly Space

A look at the remarkable lives of the elderly


Still puffing away at 101

Beatrice Langley celebrated her 100th birthday last year by vowing not to give up smoking. Next week she will celebrate her 101st birthday, and most expect her to keep puffing away.

"My eyes aren't what they used to be but the cigarettes haven't given me any trouble since last year because I don't inhale," says Beatrice.

She's been smoking since the age of 8 but has not seen any ill-effects from it. Since last year, after reaching 100 years old, she has cut back from 5 cigarettes a day to 3 although not for health reasons. "To be honest, the only reason I've cut down is because they are so expensive these days," she explained.

"Everyone has a vice," she said. "Some people drink, some people gamble and some people like to go out dancing. Personally I enjoy a cigarette after a meal and there's nothing wrong with that."



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